Sunday, April 25, 2010

A few pictures from This past weekend.

Temp set at 68F


Been a little busy during the week with training at the academy so I haven't had to much time to update. The past 3 weekends I have been brewing. I brewed a remake of my first summer wheat  4 weeks ago. It is bottled up and I sampled it this weekend. The color, aroma, and overall taste is much improved. I changed the kind of hops and the timing of them. I also changed some ingredients and used lemon grass for the first time, I can't wait to taste it once its aged a few more weeks.

We also brewed a Bell's Two Hearted IPA, well a shot at it atleast. Everything went well and the aroma is awesome. I had it sit in the primary for almost two weeks then transferred to the secondary. This weekend I added the dry hops and will let that sit for 7 more days until bottling if the gravity is right.

This past weekend we brewed a Sierra Nevada remake. I had some help with some buds and we brewed a 10 gal batch for the first time.  Everything went really well and didn't have to many issues. We did realize that we only had one yeast packet so we had to pitch half in half. It seemed to be okay because it only took less then 24hrs for it to start bubbling. It could be from all the yeast nutrients that we put in it lol. They are also sitting in my kegerator at a controlled temp of 68F. We still have a Cream Ale and my Rye Pale to make so we should be pretty busy drinking and brewing these next few weeks.